The Latest in Tech News: Bluesmart, The Smart Carry On Suitcase

As I get comfortable after changing locations because I needed an outlet to write this post on my dying computer, it is only fitting that I write about a piece of technology I recently came across just this morning.

Bluesmart , a smart suitcase that allows you to charge your electronic devices, comes equipped with a built in scale, and in accordance with an app, can inform you of your travel habits. That's just  the tip of the iceberg. Find out more below.

Equipped with easy access compartments that cut down on unzipping and scrounging through bags to find your electronics to put in them in their own tray at airport security. With the Bluesmart carry on they have their own compartment. Just simply slip them out and back in.

One of the features of the Bluesmart is an easy to access compartment for mobile devices s...

In conjunction with the Bluemart app, a built in scale delivers info directly to your phone, letting you know just how much more shopping you can do (wink!).

The Bluesmart includes a built in digital scale to provide weight data to a smartphone app...

Built in navigation sends an alert to your phone letting you know when you've strayed too far from your luggage.

The Bluesmart suitcase is available for pre-order starting at $195. Which I think is pretty reasonable given all it's features. Learn more about the first smart suitcase at 

Article Credit: Studio 43
Image Credit:Bluesmart


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