Diva's Life: I Almost Forgot to Live

Okay, I made the decision recently that I'm not going to schedule my life around my job or other entities that can easily consume you. I need to LIVE and that is no way to do it. Don't get me wrong,  I'm not being irresponsible.  I've worked very hard in school and at all my jobs, but jobs will keep you from living if you don't come up for air. They will keep you in a rut. You will end of like me not seeing family members, friends,  putting off that trip, all because of work and your routine that seems hard to break. So you tell yourself,  next month, next year. Well I'm writing this FOUR years after I made those promises to myself.

 I have a master's degree to finish that I haven't started yet because I'm "finding time." I've never been the person to keep from "doing",  but I've gotten so used to being the hamster in the wheel of work, pay bills, sleep, eat, then repeat that I've lost sight of what's important.  Those who were there to support you to help you get to this point: The Hamster Wheel Routine.

They've been moments where I tell myself to phone a friend,  but getting sidetracked by the routine (yet again), I say I'll call later. Later turns into weeks. Sad! Before you know it, you are existing by yourself in a false  world you created.

From now on, I'll schedule everything around the life I almost forgot to live, instead of trying to fit living a full life into a "routine".

Here's to not scheduling life!!

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