The Latest in Beauty News: Tyra Banks Launches Tyra Beauty

Tyra Banks is continuously adding to her brand. She is now the makeup maven behind Tyra Beauty. Her namesake brand includes lip, eye, and face products. Competing with mid range product lines, Tyra Beauty looks promising. Come inside for more information.

The TYlover collection includes a face contour stick, highlighter and eyeshadow. All products are priced at $24,   $26, and $24 respectively.  I'm loving that these products seem to be made for the woman on the go.  See below.

Cheek in a Stick,  Sculpt in a Stick

Using her owned coined modeling term, The Smize collection will encompass the eye products. It consists of a blue mascara priced at $28, and and dual ended eyeliner ringing in at $26.  I love a colored mascara. Check them out below.

Oops Liner Eyeliner and Corrector, Smack My Fat Lash Mascara

Tyra Beauty's third collection is the It Factory Collection which offers a range of high shine lip colors. The Suede and Juicy lip color ($32) is pictured above. 

The collection was released last week and had the internet abuzz. I just want to touch on the packaging. I love that bright colors and metallics are used. The Egyptian symbol, The Eye of Horus, which I'm sure will bring about talk that she belongs to a secret organization,  that I will not further discuss or debate here. The symbol means protection and power (Ancient Egypt Online). 

Article Credit: Style Bistro


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