Home Decor Inspiration: For the Love of Travel Featuring Modani Modern Furniture

As you can probably tell by now, I love putting outfits together. Well a kind rep for Modani Modern Furniture,   a chic home decor company noticed and asked me to create an inspirational board injecting my personal style using their pieces. Ecstatic is not the word! So I started brain storming and ended up with a living room that reflects some of my life aspirations and my quintessential style. Behold, For the Love of Travel.

I live for color. Everyone who knows me can attest that my wardrobe is not bland. So naturally,  my home wouldn't be either. I modeled this living room after the same themes that run through my own home. Color, comfort, and travel. I chose a neutral sectional because it allows for easy seasonal redecorating and you have tons of seating for entertaining. I dressed it up with vibrant throw pillows.

The wall art is where I expressed my love for travel. If I did not have to work like an adult, I'd wander the world experiencing different cultures for a living. But for now, I'll take one trip at a time. I made sure every portrait was a different city of places I've been and wanted to go in the future.

I'm a huge lounger. Cuddling up with a plush blanket is my M.O. But one must have a place to store them in when they're not in use. Enter this chic chest. It compliments the home decor as serves as storage at the same time.

 A yellow side table serves as an additional pop of color accented by a silver bull.  I just love the coffee table.  Like the sectional, it serves a blank canvas, but can stand on it's own.  Finishing off the space is a floor lamp that looks like it belongs on a movie set.  I think that's what attracted me to it. I gravitate towards unusual things,  and the lamp is an unexpected element in the space.

Modani Modern Furniture has many modern furniture store locations all across the country and in Cananda. No location near you? Take a virtual tour via their website.

A big thank you to the Modani Modern Furniture team for this opportunity! 

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