Product Review+PICS: Kiss Stick On Nail Strips

Good Morning,

It's  the eve of Fashion Month, starting with Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, and I'm talking about nail stickers lol. I'm not one hop on all trends which is why I am just now trying out nail stickers. I picked up some Kiss Stick On Strips on a recent grocery trip. Read my review below.


The directions were very straight forward. All you do is size up the Stick On to your nails, peel, apply, and file off the excess. I bought a glitter ombré nail adhesive.


The Stick Ons lasted all weekend and ran into the beginning of the week. I am pull the stcikers off before when I realized I had taken off a few without realizing it. The product claims to give you a week's worth of wear. Maybe, I'll make it to a week next time.

My Final Thoughts:

Kiss Stick Ons are a geat way to achieve a quick no-dry manicure (Even though I did seal mine with clear polish). If you work in a conservative office and want to spice up your nails on the weekend, or just want to try something new, I'd recommend them. Even the company claims they won't last past a week, so if you're looking for something more permanent, these aren't for you.

Performance: Good. Not all stickers fit the shape of my nails perfectly, and there was some liftingon the tips.
Texture: Smooth sticker.
Would I Purchase Again: Yes, for a quick manicure.

The set came with a french tip option so I added to strips to my toes, to make it appear as if my nails and toes match. Take a look:


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