Product Review+PICS: NYX Cosmetics Collection Chocolaté Brown Kajahl Liner

I've been looking for a new brow pencil for a while. I used various powders and pencils that only gave satisfactory results. None of which, I was I was totally in love with. On a man hunt in Ulta, I came across NYX Cosmetics Collection Chocoalté that included various forms of liners. I chose the Kohl Kajal Brown Liner. Read my review below.

The pencil is very soft and pigmented. I was able to fill my brows with very light strokes.

One swipe of the pencil.

Final Thoughts:

So far, I'm in love with the pencil. It's not to dark, nor too light. When I sharpen it, it doesn't go dull quickly either.

Price: Around $5 (Available at NYX Cosmetics Website, Ulta and where NYX Comsetics are sold)
Performance: Good. 
Texture: Soft
Would I Purchase Again? Yes
Would I Recommend to Others? Yes



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