Hotel Review: Residence Inn Piper Glen

Good Morning All,

I'm still getting adjusted to being at home and getting back into my old routine.  I've been away for work just shy of a month in Charlotte,  North Carolina. I called the Residence Inn Marriott my home while I was away. The Residence Inn is a overnight and extended stay hotel offering various amenities.  Come inside for more info.

I stayed in a studio aparment furnished with a comfy queen sized bed, flat screen televisiom that swiveled from the living room to the bedroom, and a vanity area outside the bathroom. Both the vanity and kitchen had granite countertops.

While the appliances were dated, they were fully functional. My room came with a stovetop, but I later found out some rooms have full stoves. Be sure to ask for a stove if you wish for one if you stay here in the future. I ate out with my coworkers on most days, so even the stove top didn't get much use.


-Room Service
-Dry Cleaning Service
- On Site Laundry
-Swimming Pool
-Hot Tub
-Free Breakfast 7 Days a week
-Free Dinner Monday-Wednesday (with free beer and wine!)
-Free Wifi
-Free computer, printer, and fax services.


-Must pay for laundry services. I think if I'm staying here fpr an extended amount of time, i could at least be spared the task of buying quaters from the front desk to wash. You pay for an automated 30 minute wash ($1.75) and dry ($1.50) session, but the machines often started at 26 and 24 minutes. So I wasn't even getting all the time I paid for.

-Price Gauging.  Why are 8 fl oz juices $2.50? What may cost you $1.20 at a grocery store isdouble that at the hotel "market". 


-Shopping and restaurants across the street. From Target, Harris Teeter, to various eateries. They were all a quick  drive away.
-Room cleaning service. Even though I was there on extended stay, the daily room cleaning services were still offered.
-Clean rooms and friendly staff. I've heard and read about hotel horror stories. Fortunately, I didn't have to endure  any of that.

Residence Inn Piper Glen
5115 Piper Station Drive
Charlotte, NC 28277

For more information, click here.


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