Diva FOTD: Going Nude with Maybelline

I've been seeing the palette floating around and decided to pick it up and try it. Many companies are still on the nude eye shadow train and Maybelline has jumped aboard. Check out my look below and read my initial thoughts.

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A glossy black palette holds the eye shadows and it has the standard pop snap closure in front. A clear window allows you to see all the the shades you will be getting. 

Although there are twelve shades total. They are strategically organized to be broken down into three sets of quads, four sets of trios, and six sets of duos.

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I wore this eye look for at least 8-10 hours with no evidence of creasing. However, it took a few dips in the purple shade on the bottom to have color payoff against my brown skin. 

Stay tuned for a full review!


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