The Latest in Fashion News: Fashion Truck Finder

So I come across a lot of things on the 'net while digging for info that will aide in the launch of my business. I came across a couple of sites highlighting boutique trucks. Food trucks have made their mark, now the fashionistas have stepped in. I even came across a fashion truck directory, Fashion Truck Finder, to be exact. Get more info on these boutiques on wheels below, and hopefully find one in your area.

The Fashion Truck FinderImage Credit: Fashion Truck Finder

The site gives a brief bio of the owner (s), the type of merchandise they sell as well as the price points. Guys and Gals have four wheeled stores all over the world, and Fashion Truck Finder has compiled a just for us. I didn't realize just how big the trend is, and I think it's a great idea. Here are some more pictures from the site.


North Carolina natives, look out for Bikini Bus to get you beach and pool ready.


Apparel is not the only thing these boutiques are selling. Pick up some farm fresh flowers on your next road trip  from South Carolina based Roadside Blooms.

Street Boutique Fashion Truck - Clarendon

Based in out nation's capital, Srteet Boutique is there to roll through and keep you fashionable and on trend. Can't find the truck, shop their online store.

Find more mobile boutiques over at Fashion Truck



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