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The Latest in Beauty News:Lipstick, Glamaour Mag's New Beauty Site

If there is one industry, that is the fashion industry. Fashion is often mentioned with beauty in the same sentence, because they need one another to sell product. Glamour magazine a new beauty site, Lipstick, where you guessed, is about lipstick and much more! Keep reading for more info!

The content covers hair, nails, product reviews, fragrance info, and videos! The people they cover are pretty diverse as well. I browsed through articles covering Nicki Minaj, Rita Ora to Lauren Conrad. There seems to be something for every woman.

Nicki Minaj Says Her Understated Look Is NOT Here to Stay

When Nicki Minaj launched her second fragrance, Minajesty, last October, we talked to her about her new-at-the-time less-is-more approach to beauty. Less than a year later, the rapper is launching another new scent. As she gets ready to launchMinajesty Exotic Edition live on HSN (catch her July 11 at 12:01 A.M. ET), we thought we'd check in with her on her beauty evolution, makeup tips, and, of course, what makes her new scent so special.

We Spent 48 Hours With Rita Ora. Here's What Happened

With a new album and collaborations with DKNY and RimmelRita Ora has an unstoppable schedule of need-to-look-great events. We trailed the singer in New York City for 48 gorgeous hours. Here's what happened.

You should definitely check it out.

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