The Latest in Fashion News: Fashion Editors Give Career Tips at Fashionista's "How to Make it in Fashion" Conference

It's not everyday fashion career hopefuls get inside info on how to get a foot in the door- from the editors of the magazine.

Image Credit: Fashionista
L to R: Lauren Indvik (Fashionista), Robbie Myers (Elle), Ariel Foxman (InStyle), Amy Astley (Vogue)

Fashion editors from some of the biggest publications in the industry dished on what they look for in an ideal candidate at their magazine. Here is what they had to say:

Instyle Editor Ariel Foxman

Don’t bother writing a cover letter. No matter what sort of advice you've gotten about crafting the perfect, page-long cover letter singing your praises: ignore it. The editors recommend sending a resume along with a short and sweet note about why you're perfect for the job, and they also would rather you get in touch digitally — Astley says she rarely opens an envelope that contains a cover letter. "I search you online, I don’t read cover letters," Foxman added.

 Be nice! All of the editors agree, this is by far the most important thing to keep in mind. "An assistant with a sour attitude is a real bummer," Astley said. "Pleasant isn’t only nice to be around, it gets the job done." Myers added, "Be nice toeveryone, even as you move up the ladder. There is no one in the industry who is beneath you.

Great tips! I would have guessed about the cover letter tidbit, and the be nice advice, when will people learn being conniving and messy will not pay off?

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