Diva's Guide to Blogging: When Big Companies Recognize You

What I quickly learned about blogging is you can't let the blog do all the work. You have to put the word out that you have just uploaded a post. Big blogs that I follow still do this. When a post goes up, it hits what I call the Big 5: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Diva Chronicles is slowly but surely garnering some recognition.  So far, I've been mentioned or retweeted by brands like Shea Moisture, Iman Cosmetics, and Revlon!


Shea Moisture

Iman Cosmetics

You're always taking a risk when you mention the brands your writing about on your blog in social media. The biggest risk is going unnoticed. Just multiply yourself by a couple thousand and that's how many bloggers, major websites and  magazines are doing the same as you. So to get a simple mention is a huge accomplishment, well to me anyway.  It's the little push I need to keep doing what I love and that Diva Chronicles is headed in the right direction. 

So to Revlon, Shea Moisture, and Iman Cosmetics: Thank you!



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