Diva's Guide to Blogging: 5 Tips to Dedicated Blogging

I've had this blog since 2009,  and I'm sure you didn't noticed.  Heck, I barely did because I rarely posted.  I started it as a creative escape from the biology coursework that was consuming my life in college. However,  I was so consumed, I didn't allow myself enough time to nurture my own little piece of the internet.  What have I learned?  Finding your voice is crucial as it reflects your content. To foster an audience, you'll have to be heavily invested as this blog will become your brand. While I'll still consider Diva Chronicles an infant,  the blog has definitely refined and attracted more readers since its early days. Here's how I'm growing my audience

1. Must Love Writing

I consider writing as one of my hobbies. I have notebooks all around the house for several purposes. I've kept a journal since I was a child, and I'm working on two drafts that may or may not become books in the future. If you can't put it on paper first, chances are you won't be motivated to type it either.

**Diva Random: I wrote this post in my notebook BEFORE it made it to the blog.

2. Write What You're Passionate About

I love science, fashion, beauty, food, and art. This blog is my little corner of the 'net where I can mesh all of that together. To many, science may be the "one that doesn't belong," but someone has to make your fave beauty product, right?  I plan to use my growing background in cosmetic science to dispel those beauty myths from an educational standpoint. This, along with the fashion, and beauty posts my readers seem to love.

Speaking of readers, when I first started blogging my posts were all over the place. I used it more as an inspiration board (Pinterest,  where were you then? Lol). Two years and a name change later (it used to be called www.joslynthediva.blogspot.com), I now present the blog you see today. My readership has grown due to my consistent posting, and sticking to the same topics, but delivering them differently.

3.Tell People About Your Blog

This will seem like the simplest thing to do, but it's the one thing I neglected to do big time. For the longest, no one knew I have a blog, At the time, I was the only one I knew who had a blog, so there was no need to bring it up. That wasn't a smart assumption on my behalf, because as soon as I started talking about Diva Chronicles, I realized just how many other people had blogs as well. If you aren't talking about site, how can you expect someone else to as well?

4Social Media Helps 


Long before Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram, I didn't have any other social media outlet to spread the word about my blog, Yes, Tumblr existed, but I have a BlogSpot or Tumblr mindset, not realizing there was an advantage to use both. Silly me. Needless to say, readership was low. I was excited to get three or four readers per post. Now that Diva Chronicles is on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Instagram, I can now reach a broader audience. Not everyone are on the major social media networks, so being a member of the major ones allows me to reach people who may not have read my blog otherwise.

5. Blogging Will Become A Free Part Time Job

Well, until you start getting paid that is. I quickly found out that in order to keep up with my posts, I needed to plan in advance, which can take up a lot of free time for something I'm doing for free. I do it because I love it, not for the money. If I started this blog solely for the notoriety or to get paid, I would have stopped a long time ago. That will come in time, until then, do it because you love it and have a message you want to share with the world.

Got additional helpful tips? Let me know!


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