App Review: NYX Mobile

So I thought I was late to the party when I discovered the NYX Cosmetics app, NYX Mobile. I said to myself, "Why am I just now finding this out?" I played with it a bit, now I'm giving you the ins and outs of NYX Mobile. GEt details below!

The first stop I made on the app was the New Products section. I know NYX just debuted their Macaron Collection that includes beautiful spring colors. However,  I could not find them on the app. The list itself seems quite dated. I tried to search for collection with no luck.

The app also has a product demonstration module called NYXclusive TV, where NYX beauty insiders show product performance.  Unfortunately,  all of the featured videos are three years old. NYX has surely came out with new products since then.

My Final Thoughts

Even though the NYX Mobile app was awarded four stars, I was left underwhelmed. I'm sure it was deserving of those four starts three years ago, but that seems to be when it was last updated. I would not waste time downloading this app. If it were frequently updated, this would be a great app to keep on hand, especially since their products are of good quality and inexpensive.

Quality: Good. 
The pictures were quite clear and text readable.. The thumbnail images for the videos were a bit grainy. However the thumbnails for the menu were HD clear.
Performance: Good. 
The app did not lag nor did I notice a slow down in my phones's performance.
Usability: Poor. 
I can only use NYX Mobile to view products. It will not allow me to purchase from the app itself. When I tried, it opened a third party's page that did not work.

How has your experience been with NYX Mobile?

Image Credit: NYX Cosmetics


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