Product Review + Pics: Pure Ice Nail Polish Series

Happy Monday Everyone!

I gave myself a little project about a month ago (See,  I've been working on posts even when I'm not publishing them). I noticed I have a few Pure Ice nail polishes, and have never reviewed them. I tested them out to see if they stood up to my lifestyle.  I tested four shades. To keep the posts short and sweet, I'm reviewing one a day.  Read my thoughts on Pure Ice's polish in Magic below.

Pure Ice: Magic*

Magic is a pretty broze shade, perfect for deeper skin tones. However, I didn't last one week. See the after pictures below.

Day 1

On day one there was some minor chipping around the tips of the nails.

Day 5

In the picture above, you see my left and right hands respectively. I'm right handed, so you can see how my right hand has more chipping because I use that hand more. I work in a sterile environment, which involves hand washing throughout the day. While affordable ringing in at $2, the formula breaks down after repeated exposure to water.

*Note: Sally Hansen's clear coat was worn along this nail polish.

My Final Thoughts:

Price: $2 (Wal Mart)
Consistency: Thin, Smooth Liquid
Performance: Sub par for wear on the fingernails, especially if you work with your hands. Thus polish may perform better on toes.
Would Purshase Again? No, there are many better formulated polishes with wide shade ranges to choose from that have better chances of lasting past five days.

More Pure Ice polish reviews all this week on Diva Chronicles. Keep a look out!!


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