Product Review + PICS: Pure Ice Nail Polish

It's Friday and I'm closing out the week with a final nail polish review from Pure Ice. Today is a two for one. Read my thoughts below.

Pure Ice: New Lilac

Suprise, suprise. New Lilac had the least chipping on the first full day if wear. Many at the tips.  While I was disappointed that chipping occured, I wasn't bummed as I was with the first two.

Free Spirit, day one. The photo speaks for itself. Sad. Pretty color though.

My Final Thoughts:

Price: $2 (Wal Mart)
Consistency: Thin, Smooth Liquid
Performance: Fair (New Lilac), Poor (Free Spirit)
Would I Purchase Again? While all reviewed colors performed less than excellent, they performed beautifully with pedicures. However, it's best to buy a polish that can be used for manis and pedis.

Hope you enjoyed the review series. Look out for more!


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