Product Review + Pics: Pure Ice Nail Polish Series

It's Tuesday and I'm back with another review from the Pure Ice nail polish line. Today, I'm dishing on my thoughts and performance of the pink shade called "Free Fall". Get the scoop below.

Pure Ice's Free Fall-Day 1

Upon application, I was pleased with the color payoff and thought it would perform better than the last polish I tried. Read my review below.

Day 2

On the second day there was chipping, though I feel it still performed better than Magic, thebronze shade in my previous post. Free Fall still couldn't hold up to water with my excessive hand washing I do on the job. My final thoughts are below.

My Final Thoughts:

Price: $2 (Wal Mart)
Consistency: Thin, Smooth Liquid 
Performance: Poor. Unfortunately, the price is indicative of performance.
Would I Purchases Again? I would not purchase again. The price and performance is not worth the time that will be spent painting my nails.



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