Product Review + Pics: Iman Cream to Powder Foundation

I raved about the Iman Cream to Powder foundation in my post titled, I Went Iman, and May Never Go Back, and now I'm back to tell you why. While I love a bargain, sometimes you have to pay for that color match and quality. I have noticed the best performing foundations from the drugstore start at $10. Iman rang in at $13 and I have no complaints because of the quality. Iman could be sold for more at a department store, and it will still be justified. It's that great! 

 Check below for picture and the full review!

On my way to work at 8:40am.

This is the best foundation color match from the drugstore I have tried to date! It looks and feels like skin! I'd say it is a true medium coverage formula and spreads beautifully.  I have oily skin, so I set it with a setting powder which gives the matte look you see above. 

After work at 5:40 p.m. with no touch ups.

The company claims that that this foundation has "a truly natural appearance," which I have to agree with. Iman Cream to Powder Foundation gives a your-skin-but-better look. The "velvety powder finish" assertion rings true as I have never experienced the caked faced look, even though I set my t-zone with powder. I don't even have to set it. You can see a bit of a sheen on my t-zone and on my cheeks. I also have a tiny bit of breakdown on the tip of my nose, but the color match is so closeyou can barely tell. 

Bottom line: I'm happy I've discovered this foundation and it has become one of my drugstore staples.

My Final Thoughts:

Price: $13 (Wal Mart) Available at Walgreens, Target, and
Texture: Smooth, Cream
Performance: Excellent1 I set with Black Opal's Translucent Pressed Setting Powder and had only a sheen in my t-zone. I didn't feel the need to retouch.
Setting Time: Immediate
Would I Purchase Again? Yes!


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