Things I Tried From Pinterest: Baked Apples

So I had two apples left in my fruit basket. I was feeling snacky (yes, I made that up), but didn't to eat them in a different way. I took to my mobile cookbook, better known as Pinterest, for inspiration. Okay,  I was looking for entire recipes. I'm not at that stage of cooking where I can just whip something up from scratch. I chose to bake my apples. Check out how below.

I followed this recipe step by step and check out my results.

I ate an apple before I realized I didn't take any pictures of them right out of the oven. I didn't allow mine to get as brown. I topped mine with cinnamon,  granola and raisins. It tasted delicous either way, and smelled like apple pie!

What are some of your healthy snacks?

Recipe Credit: Eat Recycle Repeat


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