Look for Less: Finsk vs Lolli Couture

While I'm all for paying for quality and supporting unique designs, that often comes with a hefty price tag. I must stick to my budget (I have a businesses to get off the ground, darn it!). I've been coveting a pair of Finsk Project wedge for years, but am not in the position to splurge on the $999.95 price tag. I love the architectural characteristic of the shoe. I thought I was just going to have to count my pennies, until a friend introduced me to Lolli Couture.

Image Credit: Sole Struck

Lolli Couture is a fast fashion site, much like Forever 21, where you can obtain the latest trends without breaking the bank. I spotted the wedges below, and they immediately reminded me of my coveted Finsk wedge.

Image Credit: Lolli Couture

The Seafoam Faux Suede wide Strap Lock Ornament Platform Curved Wedge is not an exact replica of the one above, the aesthetic is just about as close as you can get. This shoe rings in at $24.99. It can be worn for a season or two, and if in good condition, can be sold when it starts collecting dust in the closet. Win and win!

If you got it like that buy the Finsk Project wedge here: Sole Struck

Got a few more pennies to save? Buy the Lolli Couture wedge here: Lolli Couture


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