Diva Info: Diva's Marketplace Coming Soon...April 2016!

When you're blessed with a gift or a great idea, don't wait to act on it. Nurture it and everything will fall into place.

That's exactly what I was doing before I started working on my online boutique, Diva's Marketplace. I"ve said even as a little girl, "When I grow up, I want to become a doctor, then retire and open my own boutique." Well, I took a different path career wise and never became a doctor, but my dreams of opening a little store where I could sell unique items remained.

My Type A personality prevented me from starting a store, because "I need this" or "This isn't ready." Well, I knew enough to start, and that's what I did. Diva's Marketplace is on Big Cartel right now, but I plan to water that seed so it can grow into a bigger site.  I will start small, and likely will re-release my Budda Love lip balms I mentioned last summer and evolve from there. I can't wait to share all the items I've made and sourced with you!

Things are getting real y'all! My shippers have begun to arrive, I am still waiting on my raw materials and lip balm tubes so I can get to rolling. EEEK!

A little more info: Diva's Marketplace will sell items for both men and women. All items will be unique, and often one of kind and/or handmade by moi!  So  if you see something you like, grab it!

Keep a look out at www.divasmarketplace.com. Of course, I'll announce when I'm officially open for business and taking orders. My goal is to gift myself my first order and launch my birth month of April. Stay tuned!


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