Diva's Fashion Guide: How Do I Mix Prints?

Reader, C.B. asks:

"Joslyn, how do I mic prints?"

1. Use Commom Colors

Solange is one if the best when it comes to mixing it up. Take this magazine spread, for example. Notice how the cobalt blue is being pulled from the shirt and an used accent color
in the accessories. The lines of the skirt and top are also going in one direction, which avoids your eyes darting all over the place. While the clutch adds a third print, it ties into the entire ensemble because of the blue color.

2. Mix & Elongate

Yes, Solange again. While this picture is old, this look is right on trend because black and white is hot this season. But back to the topic at hand. Using common colors shows itself again here. The songtress is where three prints, but all are in black and white. Both her blouse and blazer are contrasting prints going in different direction and could skew busy fast if it weren't for the pants. The long lines on her bottom half pull your eyes away from the top, thus creating balance.

3. Buy Pre-Mixed

While some may find delight in taking the time to search for prints to mix and find the right balance through trial and error; others may not feel the same way. Take the easy way out and buy your prints pre-mixed. The hard work has been done for you. Peter Pilotto for Target is a great example of how you can buy your mixed prints right off the rack. He is one of may designers that have diffusion brands that offer the similar looks for less. Check retailers such as TJ Maxx, Marshall's, Kohls, and Macy's for items that tickle your fancy.

4. Seperate Your Prints

You can opt to do what I do most often as I have shown here with a few pieces from my closet. Seperate your print top with denim or a pair of colored pants and let your other print be your shoes. It is a great way to step into into the trend without becoming overwhelming.

I hope can use these tips the next time you go shopping!

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