DC Inspiration: Grind and Make it Work

This post was going to be about how I stay inspired, educated, and motivated as a rising entrepreneur (Renaissance Cosmetics coming to a household near you!). I'll expound on that a little later. Life took me  in a different direction, however, which led to this post. Have you ever received a great opportunity,  but was reluctant to accept it because you are already booked?  Ever refrained from asking the giver of such an opportunity to work with you and your schedule for fear they will back out all together?  Well it happened to me with an opportunity at work.

I was propositioned, I excitedly accepted-then whoa! I'm booked that day. So instead of backing out, I told them my situation,  and suprise, suprise, I don't have to cancel on anyone. This will mean a little sacrifice on my end, but that's temporary to what I'll be able to take with me in the long run.

When telling my best friend the news, she had the same reaction I had. I told her I just have to grind and make it work. Next time your in such a situation,  remember,  you'll never know if you don't ask. You just may be granted your wishes. Of course you'll have to sacrifice, but the results will be worth it. Just grind and make it work.


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