New Feature: Ask Joslyn...

Ask Joslyn...

I'm often asked for makeup and fashion advice from family, friends,  and sometimes strangers. I thought I'd share the questions and answers in hopes it will possibly help some of you. I answer based in my personal knowledge and experiences. Check out the first question below.

I'm excited about this new feature, this one is a two parter!

Question 1:
I need your advice. So I have this black dress that is plain in the front and it has chains on the back, and the shoes I am wearing butter toffee/ caramel brown wedge bootie. What makeup will look fab?

Answer 1:
 Hi, thanks for asking for advice. Try a gold or bronze shadow on the lid and a dark brown shadow in your crease, and go for a nude lip.

Question 2:
Okay, what if I want my lips to pop as opposed to my eyes?

Answer 2:
I'm unaware of your current collection, but if you have it, go for a red, burgundy, or a berry lip. Hope that helps

Ask Joslyn is a makeup and fashion feature where readers can receive fashion and makeup advice. Readers have the choice to remain anonymous. Submit all questions to


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