Product Review: Olay Complete Moisture Cream with SPF 15

Olay Complete All Day Moisture Cream With SPF15 - Sensitive 2 oz
Image Credit: P&G

Hello All,

I am way overdue for this review. It has been sitting on my bathroom counter for at least two months waiting to be reviewed. So here it it! I picked up this Olay Complete All Day Moisture Creak SPF 15 when I could not find my regular Olay mositurizer. I prefer the ones in the jar as they are thicker than the ones offered in the bottle. I used up this product completely, which is the first plus for it's review. Check out what I think after the jump!

Active Ingredients: Oxtinoxate 6%, Zinc Oxide 3.0%

Ingredient Functions:
Octinoxate- Protects skin from sunburn by absorbing and reflecting UV rays.
Zinc Oxide- UV absorber

Price-$5 (Wal Mart)
Texture- Smooth, silky creme 
Consistency-Semi thick
Performance- Good. Leaves skin feeling hydrated. Unlike other moisturizers I've used, I have to rub this in do to the SPF in the product. If I don't, I'll have a white cast on my face.
Would I purchase again? Yes.  I think it makes a good moisturizer for those of all skin types.  My skin was never excessively oily, and I have oily skin.   My skin remained moisturized for several hours.

Hope this helps!


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