Monday, December 30, 2013

Diva's Makeup Guide: Brushes

Hello All!

Holiday season is over and we are all gearing up for the new year. I thought I'd try to crank out at least  a few more posts before we step into 2014. I often get asked by family and friends about various makeup tips. From brushes I'd recommend, tips on how to fill in eyebrows, to a good inexpensive foundation. So I thought I'd curate a guide for those want the information can reference it whenever they like. First, I'll break down the inexpensive brushes I would recommend. Check it out below.
For info, head to

Beautysets - Makeup Brushes: elf
For more info, head to

For more info, go to

I hope you all found my brush guide helpful. There are many great brush brands I haven't tried, but have received great reviews. They are as follows: Sigma BeautyEco ToolsMAC, and Sonia Kashuk to name a few.

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