Product Review + PICS: NYC Expert Last Nail Polish

Late Night Latte
I'm not usually they type to write off a product's quality because of its price, but this nail polish is unfortunately fits that stereotype. I purchased NYC Expert Last nail polish in Late Night Latte a few months ago and have been disappointed every time I tried it. It' s one of those polishes that literally takes hours to dry. Who has hours to spare waiting for polish to try. You can do a touch test to see if it smudges, and if it doesn't that means you're good to go right? Wrong. In my spare time I tried to give it another chance...again. The polish felt dry. I even did some cleaning. It all went down hill after my shower. Take a look below.

Smudge, smudge, smudge! I am completely over this polish. Now I have another shade, so I cannot blame the quality on the entire line just yet. This polish definitely did not last. I'll keep you updated on the performance of the other shade I bought.

Texture- Liquid frost finish polish
Consistency-Medium Thickness
Performance- Very poor, it seems to never really dry.
Would I purchase again? No. I hope this poor quality polish is unique to this shade and not the entire line. 
Have you tried any of NYC's Expert Last nail polishes? If so, what are your experiences?

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