The Latest in Tech: Voice Behind US Siri Revealed

Voice of Siri

Even if you are not team iPhone (where are my Galaxy users?!), you are none too familiar with Siri. She is the voice assistant that premiered with the iPhone 4S in 2011. She sounds like any other technologically generated voice, similar to those you hear when you use your GPS systems. It wasn't until after I read this article that I realized that actual people may be behind the voices I hear on my various gadgets. Foolish of me to think that someone generated it with a computer. Apparently there is an entire world of "voice acting" used for machines, such as GPS devices (which explains why the voices often change on mine), the intercom systems at the airport, and so on. Read the full article, here, from PC Magazine on how Susan Bennett was forced to reveal herself as the voice of the now famous Siri and what Apple has to say about the reveal.

Story and Image Credit: PC Magazine

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