Diva Info: Why Vitamin E Needs to Be Apart of Your Beauty Regimen

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I come to you with an informative post. It's all about vitamin E. We see it on the labels of many of our beauty products, but there are actually some great benefits to the oil. I'll tell you all you need to know. This includes how to figure out if the products you love are actually giving you enough vitamin E to offer any benefits, how to recognize it on the label, and it's characteristics.

Vitamin E is a natural anti-oxidant. It can be used to gradually smooth and fade hyperpigmentation. The best part about it, is that you can buy it over the counter. While, it is pricey for the amount you get (I paid $5 for just 1 fluid oz), it will still cost less than prescription medication. It is, for the most part, readily available. I bought mine from my local Kroger.

Do not be fooled by products claiming to vitamin E, when they are composed mostly of cheaper, filler oils such as soybean and olive oil. When buying 100% vitamin E oil, it should have one ingredient listed: tocopheryl acetate(see above picture). If the product is relatively cheap, chances are it is not pure Vitamin E. Remember, I mentioned I paid $5 for that tiny bottle you see pictured.

Don't fall for label claims. Companies are required by law to include all ingredients in their products. Many of those exotic oils, vitamins, and minerals we love to see on our go-to products come at a hefty price. As a result, they are included at trace amount to skirt by, Therefore, saving their wallets, and leaving you feeling happy that you bought a shampoo with vitamin E. What you don't know is that it is at a percentage around .001%-.0001%, not at all at the recommended 1% for efficacy. If it is listed after the fragrance and color in the product, chances are it is included in trace amounts.

Vitamin E Characteristics
Appearance: Clear, Viscous liquid
Odor: Odorless to mild
Color: Colorless to pale yellow
Feel: Tacky
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