Diva Hauls: Ben Nye Mojave Luxury Powder

Happy Monday All,
I bought myself a little something this weekend. I jumped on the Ben Nye bandwagon after reading and hearing people rave about it for years. The brand is known as performance makeup. It caters to makeup artists, actors, brides, and anyone who will need their makeup to stay put under extreme conditions. The brand is most famous for it's Banana Powder, however, when I saw it, I knew I could not work with it. The powder is literally the color of a banana, hence the name. I was torn between two of the darker powders, and ultimately chose s the one above. Dark Cocoa is by far the closet I've come to a perfect match when it comes to loose powders, both high and low end. It is the perfect shade of brown.

Check out more of what Ben Nye has to offer here.

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