Beauty Discussion: Are you Getting the CORRECT Info About Your Beauty Products?

Hello All,

As a young up and coming cosmetic chemist in the beauty industry, I have seen how organizations and consumers with a large following often misconstrue or deliver false information about the ingredients in beauty products to the public. Why is this bad? While obtaining as much information as you can about what you put on your body encouraged, the volume of misinformation given to the consumer often discredits the experts! I've witnessed members of the general public discredited the chemist and siding with bloggers who have no back ground in the subject matter.


Being an ambassador of information comes with a lot of responsibility that many do not realize they carry. I came across a great article on a reputable site for information on the cosmetics industry, The Chemist Corner, about how NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) often give half truths and falsities to their followers. The article gives name of the organizations to watch out for and why. This is a great piece of information to have when someone off the street tells you that the petrolatum in your lipstick is harmful. Is it really? How do you know that they know for sure?

Read the entire article here

 Article Credit: The Chemist Corner


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