Product Review+SWATCHES: LA Colors Jumbo Eye Pencils

Top to bottom: Saltwater, Sandcastles, Waves
While I ran into my local dollar store for zip lock bags for my Las Vegas trip(pics coming soon), I wondered onto the makeup aisle. I spotted some jumbo eye pencils by LA Colors and thought these would be a great space saving alternative to eyeshadows for my weekend trip. I bought Waves (navy blue), Sand Castles (shimmery taupe),  Saltwater (shimmery silver), and a purple crayon not pictured because it broke and I left it in Vegas.

While the texture is smooth and there was no dragging, the product did not last more than an hour on my lids as an eye shadow, with or without a base. They fade and gradually rise up your eyelid towards your eyebrow; not cute. Not being one to waste money, even I only paid a buck a piece, I resorted to wearing them as eyeliners. That's when I got my best results. They last all day all eyeliners. You may even have to use makeup remover to get all of the product off. The color payoff is great and they have a sweet smell to them that I could do with out. Check out my final thoughts below.

Top to bottom: Saltwater, Sandcastles, Waves

Price: $1
Texture: Smooth and Silky
Finish: Shimmery (with small glitter specs)
Color Payoff: Opaque
Performance: Creases tremendously if worn as eyeshadow, long wearing if worn and eyeliner.
Would I purchase again? No, there are eyeshadow pencils out there that would allow me to get more bang for my buck. I'll use these as eyeliners, and when they run out, that's it.


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