Beauty Discussion: A Sunscreen That Is Better For You?

Suncreen has been a hot topic for the last couple of years. Every since scientists have definitely proven it's link in prevented skin cancer. Now almost every topical product you buy, from foundation, body lotion, to lip balm will likely boast to containing some amount of SPF. Well the scientists at the University of Bath in the UK have formulated an ingredient to give that extra boost to your sunscreen.

Cosmetics Design, Europe, recently reported that researchers at the University have developed a substance that enhance your body's natural defenses in fighting free radicals that are formed during sun exposure. The product is said to neutralize the free radicals and eliminated free labile iron produced by the cell, eventually breaking the chain reaction which would release more free radical cells.

Why is this important, you ask? Skin cancer is caused by free radicals produced by prolonged UVA  exposure. They damage the fat, protein, and DNA of healthy cells. This new technology is said to be light activated and released anti-oxidants that will neutralize cancer causing free radicals. The substance is not named yet, and I can guarantee that it will undergo more trials before it is released into the general public in the form of a sunscreen. In addition, since the product is developed in the UK, it has to meet the standards set by the United States' FDA regulations.

I will keep you abreast on this technology as it develops. Read more about this latest development in sunscreen here.


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