Product Review+SWATCHES: Sephora Collection 24 HR Flashy Eyeliners

From l to r: Flashy Brown and Turquoise
Hello All,
I've had these liners for about a month. I saw them in the sale bin while looking around in Sephora, and they immediately caught my eye. I chose two colors that I feel I would use most often(and boy do I). They have a silky application, and an foiled finish. While I have not tested for an entire 24 hours, they do no go anywhere until I wipe them off with a makeup wipe, and makeup remover. Check out more of the review below.

Price $12 (I purchased them on sale for $3 each
Texture: Soft and silky
Finish: Foiled
Performance: Long lasting
Would I purchase again: Yes, and more colors too!

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