Diva Info: Career Girls YT Channel

Happy Friday All,

I was reading one of my favorite blogs, The Fashion Bomb Daily, and they highlighted a pioneer in the fashion industry, Audrey Smaltz.  Ms. Smaltz if the founder of the Ground Crew, a backstage fashion management company. She has worked with everyone from Michael Kors to Oscar de la Renta. He story was very inspiring and encourages me to push forward with my career. I did more research, and came across the YouTube channel Career Girls.

Career Girls is a destination of inspiration. The brand showcases endless interviews from women of all ages and ethnicities in a variety of fields. Get encouraged by chefs, chemists, writers, medical doctors, publicists, and so on. Check out their website, choose your area of interest, and a showcase of interviews of women working in that area will appear. They discuss everything from what they do, how they got there, their struggles, and how they are evolving in their own market. It's a great channel of girl power inspiration! Check out my favorite videos so far.




Check out more career girls here.

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