The Latest In Beauty News: Isaac Mizrahi x Tweezerman

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Hope your weekend went well. I spent time with family at our annual family reunion and caught up on some much needed QT time and rest! I bring you another collaboration between two iconic brands.

In today's competitive market, it seems as if the best thing for brands to do is team up to keep up with their consumer base that seems so fickle these day. Yet another collaboration has hit the scene. This time, cult beauty favorite, Tweezerman and fashion industry vet Isaac Mizrahi. Mizrahi was chosen to revamp the look if the iconic Tweezerman tweezers for Isaac Mizrahi's Limited Edition Designer Collection for the brand. The stainless steel tweezers are a presumed staple among any hardcore makeup junkie's essentials.
Famed fashion website, Fashionista, caught up with the designer to get the deets behind the collaboration. Isaac had this to say: 

Fashionista: Why tweezers?

Isaac Mizrahi: Tweezerman is such a great brand. It’s such a reliable, good thing in a woman’s life. My aim as a brand is to befriend a woman, so already you’re starting with this great friendly brand. I’ve always been so manic about brows. I think it’s probably the most important thing a woman has in her beauty arsenal. It starts with her brow.

How did you choose the print on the tools?
I always default to a polka dot. Always. My life is all polka dots. I usually have polka dot lining on my clothes that I make for myself. I figured a bright colorful thing would be really easy to find in the medicine chest.
Read more of his interview here.
The collection will be sold exclusively at Sephora stores in August with a price range of $5-25. You will be able to choose from "Splatter Paint" and "Candy Dot" prints. The collection will include the slant  tweezer, the mini slant tweezer, and emory boards. 

Will you be buying the limited edition collection?
Photo Credit: Issac Mizrahi & Tweezerman

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