Current Favorites: Five Below

This is not your typical favorites post. Usually, I post about personal care products I've been loving, but this time is different.
Don't you love when you randomly stumble a cool store? Backstory: I was at a local gas station looking for a phone charger(I'm always breaking mine) when this nice guy told about a store called Five Below. He said they have phone chargers among everything else. Nothing is priced over five dollars. I was skeptical about a store that sold everything for five bucks, but decided to give it a try. Boy was I amazed!
I not only found  phone charger, but I came a across the Sex and the City DVD ($5), a cute overnight bag($5), and a   lightweight  jump rope for my sparse workouts ($5). The store has so much more to offer. You will see items that you won't believe are being sold for only $5! Tech accessories such as Ipad and Kindle cases and chargers, stylus pens, laptop cooling stations, phone cases and much more. Never pay twenty plus dollars on any of these items again! Five Below also offers cute graphic t-shirts, summer must haves such as beach towels, pool noodles, flip flops and boogie boards. Google your nearest Five Below ASAP!


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