Diva Info: Two Fab Websites You Should Know

Happi - House and personal products industry

Every since I came across these sites, whether by chance or because someone introduced them to me, tI've been hooked! They deliver everything from  the latest in the beauty industry, career advice, how to dress fab and professional, eating healthy on the job, job listings, the latest start ups and so much more! I often get the latest upcoming events, latest product releases, and general info about the beauty industry from these sites. They are chock full of great info for just about everyone!

Happi - House and personal products industry

HAPPI, an acronym for Household and Personal Products industry is a go-to site for anyone working in the beauty industry. This site delivers the latest in formula innovations, what your favorite beauty brands are doing, and who is having a conference and when. HAPPI is technically an online magazine, so a plethora of information is assumed. If you are breaking into the beauty industry or just want to stay abreast on the competition. HAPPI is the site for you! Check them out here.

The Daily Muse is the sister blogging site to The Muse. Both are great websites for career advice on everything to interview tips, workplace etiquette, healthy eating, and entrepreneurship. The Daily Muse has a number of contributors from varied professions delivering readers advice. I enjoy this site because I always learn the latest tips for career advancement and I can't complain about the fashion stories either. Not one of those sites that only promote their name, the kind folks behind The Daily Muse often feature other companies that compliment their message and I appreciate that. Get hooked here.

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