Beauty Discussion: Inexpensive Blushes Perfect for Spring/Summer

Spring is in full force, whether or not the weather wants to cooperate is another story. Summer is around th corner,  so why not brighten your face even when the day isn't. Milani's Mai Tai and Wet n Wild's Heather Silk are two drugstore blushes that deliver beautiful spring/summer hues to your cheeks.  

Milani's Mai Tai's delivers a subtle pink glow to the cheeks. The blush is buildable, but if you want the glow you get from a  bronzer, but want to add some color, Mai Tai is perfect. I must clarify that this blush has no shimmer or chunks of glitter. The satin finish is what delivers the sheen.

Where to Buy: Most Drugstores
Participating Targets and Grocery Stores 
Cost: $4-6

Wet N Wild's Heather Silk is a matte rose pink blush. You can use it as a pink flush to the cheeks or build it up for full on color. 

Where to Buy: Most Drugstores
Most Family Dollar and Dollar Gemeral Stores

Note: Both Blushes are suitable for all skintones!


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