Beauty Discussion: I Love/Hate This Nail Polish

 Milani Disco Lights

This polish look familiar? If so, it's probably because you've passed it on your many strolls down the makeup aisle at your local drugstore. I tried it for the first time about two years ago and was less than thrilled.  I just knew I wouldn't pick up this polish again. I put it in the "pretty in the bottle, but not on the nails" category. However, a post work event loomed very near (less than 24 hrs) and I needed to spruce up my nails. After three failed attempts with two other polishes, Milani's Disco Lights had a new sparkle.

I'll admit the last time I wore this polish, I did not use a top coat because I thought with all the glitter I wouldn't need one. Wrong. Without a top coat, the polish didn't last a day. This time, I was patient, added the top coat, and waited. It took too long, about two hours for the   polish to completely dry without an "it feels dry but can still smudge" incident. 

However, I like the outcome. I still won't reach for it often because of the dry time but it is now an option.

What polishes do you love/hate?


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