Beauty Discussion: Rediscovering Great Makeup Products

Black Opal Stick Concealer in Beautiful Bronze

Often times bbeing a makeup junkie has it's rewards. You get to try the latest products and based on your personal tastes,  can recommend new products. The downside, however, Iis that you often forget about the products you actually like. Enter Black Opal Stick Foundation. This product was often a repurchase for me me until, for some reason, I was no longer able to find my shade. I recently picked up the concealer to use for my birthday makeup look, and just like old times,  I fell in love all over again.

The product boasts a  "one coat" application,  claims to "hide even the toughest-to-cover dark circles and skin imperfections." Whenever, I try a new concealer I try it out on a scar on  my wrist to test out the coverage.

This is the scar I mentioned. It is several years old and had faded over time, but it is still somewhat prominent.

One swipe of the concealer on both parts of the scar.

This is the product once it is blended in, No scar right?? LOVE!

Black Opal Stick Concealer can be found at your local drugstore, Wal Mart, and some grocery stores. prices range between $5.99-$6.99.

Now go forth and rediscover products you forgot you loved!


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