Beauty Discussion: My Go-To Concealers

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Above & Beyond Full Coverage Concealer, Black Opal Cremestick Foundati. , Black Opal Flawless Perfecting Concealer

Hello All,

Hope your Monday is going well. I bring you my go-to concealers. My fellow beauty junkies know that no matter how many products we try, we always have our 'no fail" products we can fall back on. As for me, I have three and all of them fall within the "drugstore price" range.

NYX Above and Beyond Full Coverage Concealer

This product makes a bold claim stating that it is  a full coverage product but I suspect no worries on their end because that claim is true. It has great spreadability, isn't greasy, and  comes in a variety of shades so those who have darker skin won't feel left out.

The downside is that you cannot walk into your local drugstore and purchase the concealer. I usually find mine at a mom and pop beauty supply store that are usually Asian owned. Because of this, prices are usually inconsistant. Try your luck in your neighborhood and if that fails, there's always the internet.

Where to Buy:
Cherry Culture
Haute Look

$5+(based on location)



Okay, it's not marketed as a concealer, but Black Opal's Stick Foundation is full coverage. I often use it as a concealer because of it's cream stick form. I've found it to be a great spot corrector and it's always in my travel makeup bag. It lasts forever too; I've have mine for a year!

Where to Buy:
Unfortunately, availability on this products is sparse. Your best best is to try your local Wal Mart and Walgreens.

Black Opal Beauty

$10+(based on location)



I see this as the minature version on the brand's stick foundation. It too is full coverage. I used it often  in the past was was overshadowed by NYX's concealer, but it is back on my radar. I love it now just as I had then.

Where to Buy:
Wal Mart
Black Opal Beauty

$6+(based on location)

What are your go-to concealers?


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