The Latest in Beauty News: Julep Beauty to Release DD Cream

Image Credit: Julep Beauty

Seattle based company, Julep Beauty is the latest to jump on the bandwagon of "do all' products. In late May, the company made famous by their nail laquers, will be adding a Dynamic Do-All to their product range. Enclosed in sleek matter packaging, the product can hold it's own next to  Smashbox, Bobby Brown, MAC, Laura Mercier and other mid to high end product lines.

I understand the effort,  I get that you want to elevate your platform, I recognize that you need to be visible, but a DD Cream? There is a such thing as overkill, but that's just my opinion. Where are the innovative products? I personally feel we haven't successfully duplicated Asia's BB cream as far as coverage and skin benefits, but yet were have evolved to a DD Cream. If I see and "EE" cream, I'll lose it!



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