Diva Hauls: Cool Chattanooga Finds

Located in downtown Chattanooga

As promised in my previous post, I'll disclose the cool things I found at Go Fish while in Chattanooga. Go Fish is a smal franchise (this one is privately owned) founded in the late 1980's. The purpose of the store is to uplift third world countries by buying handcrafted pieces  from the artisans and selling them. The majority of the store's offerings come from all over the globe and are hand carved and painted. Check out what I took home with me below.

Isn't he adorable? I'm instantly drawn to multicolored things and this giraffe, placed neatly on top a shelf along with similarly painted giraffes  quickly caught my eye. This one, like the others were all handcrafted and painted by an artisan in Indonesia. Each side of the piece is different but they all work together, with no side overpweringo the other.

I also grabbed this handcarved and handpainted necklace. I already have colorful necklaces but this one was too unique to leave in the store. I was torn between this one and another one that was similarly painted but this one had more vibrant colors. This will no doubt get a lot of wear this spring and summer.

Fab, right?  I thought so too. I almost left the store without it. The small tiles on the clutch are actually small squares of handpainted and handcarved wood. They  are also distressed 
which gives the clutch more character. All the small wooden tiles are connected by thick thread and that thread is woven into the body of the bag.

Now what would a trip be without leopard? I was in dire need of a new pair of new pair leopard print flats. The original Steve Maddens I had have seen better days; they've been loved on so much. This pair was on sale and I just couldn't pass up a good deal.


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