Diva Hauls: New Black Radiance Lipstick Shades

Image Credit: Black Radiance

Yes, the hauls keep rolling in, but this is the last one this week, I promise. One of my favorite go-to brands for lipstick is Black Radiance.  It has been around for years but it is not as popular as say, Revlon and Covergirl. As African American women as it's target audience and hiding in the shadows of Iman,  Covergirl's Queen Collection, and Black Opal, Black Radiance is the kid picked last in gym class for dodgeball. While not nearly as popular as its main stream cousin Wet N Wild (both by Markwins), Black Radiance's lip products are worth the try and will definitely make your wallet happy at $1.99 a tube. They boast excellent pigmentation,  are moisturizing, and have shades that flatter every skin tone. 

I believe I have every shade offered by the brand,  I often wished they would update their color selection. They offered great reds, browns,  and golds, all colors popular among women of color in the 90's, but I longed for various shades of pinks, purples, and bright oranges. Well my prayers have been answered. I picked up four shades labeled "new" and I bought all of them! Check them out below.

Pink Dahlia

Tiger Lily

Pale Rose

Plum Orchid

I'm in love with all the shades. I hope this is just a prelude of more to come from Black Radiance.


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