Diva Chronicles' s New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year! 

I must say my 2012 was successful. I can fully relate to the above quote. This past year I started an internship eight months after I graduated from college. I had changed my career path my senior year of college and had absolutely no experience in my  new field. So I thought it logical and necessary to start from the bottom (again) and work my way up. Well did I! Three months later, I was hired which required me to rent my first apartment. Now that's what I call success. I will not become complacent in my position. I still have several goals, or resolutions, I've set for myself inside and outside my new career. Check them out below.


1. Continue to Become More Knowledgable: While most of my knowledge will come from experience; there are always books related  to my field. Books never go out of style.


1. Diet: Every since I had my own place, I've been making an effort to eat healthier. New place new bebeginnings, right? I've been eating more fruits and nuts as snacks, substituted brown sugar for white sugar,  use olive oil as my cooking oil, replaced white 
bread with wheat, eating more green vegetables,  and cutting down on my sweet drinks. My goal for 2013 is to try my hand at smoothie making.

2. Exercise: I've started exercising a couple of months ago, but have had problems being consistent. This year, my starting goal is to exercise three times a week.


I started blogging as a form of mental escape in college, but it still went neglected because of my rigorous coursework (life of a biology major). Now that I've graduated, I've been blogging more regularly, and I find that I really enjoy it. So I have set these goals for my blog:

1. Change Blog Name: I feel the name of the blog does not encompass all the content I wish to deliver. Yes, it is a lifestyle blog, but I wish to encorporated knowledge I gaon pertaining to the beauty industry. I work in the beauty industry, and there are a lot of myths to disspell and more information to deliver.

2. Restructure Format: I organize the content now by titles, but I prefer tabs. So I am resesrching new blog layouts.

3. Promote More: I rarely promote my blog because it is not up to my personal standards. However, if you want people to read what you write, you have to tell them about it.

Personal Life

1. Luxury Reading: I was a total book worm when I was younger. I actually miss my old hobby. So I am starting off the new year with a book a month.

2. Home Decor: Decorating your own place is easier said than done. I have enjoyed decorating my new place, but will take the one room at a time approach this year. It can get overwhelming.

3. Travel More: I love to travel. I have gotten a taste of what it is like to travel often my simply going home often. It takes more planning and preparation than you'd expect. However, I'm up for the challenge! I have a lifetime goal of visiting everevery state in the United States; first up Nevada!  Everyone wants to go to Vegas right?

4. Try New Eateries: I love trying new food , I want to make my new foodie experiences a regular feature on the blog. 

What are your resolutions?

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