Diva's 2012 Holiday Gift Guide: 8 Holiday Gift Ideas Under $10 for Men and Women

The holiday season has arrived and I'm sure many of you are wondering how to give those great gifts without hurting your wallet. They are may items that you can give your family, friends, and co-workers under ten bucks that won't leave you feeling guilty for giving that cheap gift. I've come up with ten great gifts under $10 for men and women that will leave you happy because you didn't break the bank.

1. Scarves: I've found inexpensive scarf sets that include a hat and scarf, gloves and scard, or a hat gloves and scarves. You can find them in various colors and patterns. Who doesn't like to be fashionable and warm? Check out

2. Body Spray: Body sprays are an easy yet thoughtful gift. You can pick a fragrance that matches the person's personality or if you really know the person, you can get their favorite fragrance. Now that men, are on the body spray bandwagon, it is no longer a faux pas. Check out the huge inventory at Bath and Body Works and Lush.

3.Shower Gel: Like body spray, shower gels are an easy go to yet thoughful gift. You can pick out a scent that matches closely to the fragrance they wear everyday. They are often packaged in sets for the holiday season so you can really get bang for your buck! Check out what Bath and Body Works and Lush has to offer.

4. Lip Balm: Fall has arrived and winter is vastly approaching and our skin and lips are paying for it. A great lip balm set from Burt's Bees or Alba Botanica will make a great gift.

5. Have a photograher friend? Know a couple who just had a baby and are drowning in oh-so-cute pictures? Why not gift them with picture frames that look expensive but aren't? HomeGoods has picture frames for $8!

6. Miniature Cologne/Perfume: You can often find the minature version of a popular perfumes or colognes for just ten dollars (or maybe a few dollars more). Try your local department store or drugstores such as WalgreensCVS, or Rite Aid.

7. Coffee and Tea Mugs: Many of us need a boost of caffeine to get us started, or if you're like myself, a piping hot drink in general is always a good wake me up. Mugs come in countless sizes can even get witty with certain phrases. Check out Pier 1 Imports and HomeGoods for great options.

8. Gift Sets: What better way to give a personalized gift than to creat a gift basket? You can inlcude snacks, their favorite magazine, etc. This is one where you can get really creative-go for it!

Hope this helped!

Happy Shopping! :)


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