The Latest in Tech: First African Smartphone and Tablet Developed

Photo Credit: Verone Mankou

I'm sure the die hard techies already know this, so I'll take it upon myself to enlighten those who aren't so technologically inclined, like myself. For the first time ever, a smart phone has been developed and manufactured in Africa. Verone Mankou, a twenty-six year old entrepreneur in Africa developed a smart phone and tablet to the disbelief of many in the technology industry. Check out more of the article below.

First, Verone Mankou introduced the first African-designed tablet, The Way C, a few months ago. Now he has just surprised the tech world with the first African-designed smartphone.Some had doubts about both; was the quality good? Were they really African-made when much of the construction happens in China, where it is cheaper to make such products?Mankou’s company, VMK, is based in the Republic of Congo. And when he spoke at the third annual Tech4Africa conference in Johannesburg, South Africa last month, he stressed the importance for an African company to invest in the local smartphone and tablet markets. “Only Africans can know what Africa needs,” he said, as reported by Smart Planet. “Apple is huge in the U.S., Samsung is huge in Asia, and we want VMK to to be huge.

HoThese industries are making tremendous strides in Africa, yet are often overlooked because it is plagued with the "poor inefficient continent" stereotype. I wish Verone all the best, and I see a bright future for him.

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