The Latest in Beauty News: Pantone Release New Pantone Skintone Guide

Photo Credit: Pantone

Just about everyone has come across a pantone color, or two or three, or many in their lifetime. You will most often come across them when you decide to do a little painting in your home or work place. Well the go-to color directory is catering to the beauty, fashion, photography, product design, medical, and print/packaging/graphic design industries with their new Pantone Skintone Guide. The guide encompasses 110 true skin tne shades categorized by numbers.

The article states:

Just a few of the many uses The PANTONE SkinTone Guide...


Matching and coordinating cosmetics to skin color.


Bring skin color into the mix when developing colors and palettes for design and producing accessories, foundation garments and intimates.


Develop and control natural skin tones for toys and a variety of products and accessories.


Easily match skin tones for accurate photo editing and retouching.


Provides quality control standards for consistent and appealing skin tone reproduction.


Useful for creating baseline color standards for restorative and cosmetic surgery and prosthesis manufacture.

I'm extremely excited about this new development by Pantone. I work in the cosmetics industry and this will very useful. Check out the rest of the article here.

Story Credit: Pantone


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