The Latest in Beauty News: Illamasqua Comes Under Heat for Black/White Christmas Ad

Image Credit: Illamasqua

Tisk Tisk. When will these beauty giants learn? Illamasqua is the latest beauty brand to come under fire about their latest ad, "Not Dreaming of a White Chirstmas" featuring side by side pictures of what appears to be the same model painted in all white and painted in all black. The ad was released in early November on the company's Australian Facebook page. Read the article and the responses below.
The host site prohibits me from sharing the article with you on my blog, I can only direct you to the article, which you can find here. However, I do understand the concept behind the ad. Who wants an ashy face as a result of your makeup? What cosmetic companies need to understand is that whenever you paint a white face black, instead of just using a black model in an ad, there will be shots thrown. Black face comes from a time of  extreme racial hostility in our nation's history. While Illamasqua is not a American brand, racism is everywhere as well as previous stories of cosmetic and clothing companies recieving backlash over ad that were viewed racially insensitive. Do your research. Put yourself in the shoes of ALL of your customers.

I now wonder if ads like these are done for attention and less so for artistic reasons.

What do you think?

Story Credit: Cosmetics Design USA


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